Turgon provides an all inclusive service to manage your project from the estimating visit through all stages of the supply and fit up to and including the aftercare and maintenance of your new wooden floors. Besides offering the highest quality wooden floors, we also want our customers to have a pleasant working experience with us, therefore we have created a professional team to assist during the process.



We have London’s best wooden flooring installers on the team and provide a fully guaranteed installation service. Since we supply and install the products, we take full responsibility for all aspects of the job. We are happy to work directly with our clients or through architects, designers and building contractors.



Turgon has a enormous variety of products, including different wood species from all over the world. Our range has grown throughout the years and we have designed and produced different parquets, patterns, and panels for some of the worlds most prestigious houses and appartments. We are known for custom made floors and all our products go through a hand finishing process that makes us the most unique floor production company.



Since the change in Regulations relating to Rosewood we have put together a list of our favourite alternatives, from Black American Walnut to Ovengal Hardwood. We have a large range of woods available in stock.


If you’re looking for the most exciting range of wooden floors in London, visit our showroom at 955 Fulham Road and see first hand our amazing range of floors.

Unlike many other companies, Turgon London does not have a ‘range’ of wooden floors that are standard. The colours and finishes we show on our website have all been created by our customers over the years, mainly contributions from world famous architects and designers, and represent just a small number of the finishes we are able to achieve.

Using a blend of oils and stains, the number of finishes we are actually able to create is limitless. If you don’t see a finish you like, then we will create it for you. Our oak wooden floors come in a huge variety of dimensions. We place no restrictions on the widths or lengths of the products we can offer, other than the restrictions placed on us by nature. We can machine either engineered or solid wooden flooring products from as little as 40mm in width to 500mm in width, and with lengths going up to 10 meters and even beyond.

Because we employ our own cabinet makers in our London workshops, we are able to manipulate any kind of wood into any kind of surface texture, from antique, to hand planed, time worn, burnt, mottled or heavy brushed. Creating a surface texture adds another dimension to any wood flooring project. If you have a particular style in mind, contact us and we can help make your project happen whether you’re project is in London, or anywhere in the world.


Over the years we have grown to understand our client’s needs and concerns regarding longevity and maintenance of our products. We work with many of our architects and designers on a regular basis...

Our business philosophy is specifically designed to understand what our clients want, whether it’s a custom made antique floor, or a high performance commercial floor that has a strict budget requirement, and turn that into the correct finished article.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality wooden floors available, all ethically sourced from producers around the world.


Our sister company ‘Campbell Marson’ was established in 1924, and is one of the oldest wood flooring companies in the UK. Our passion for wood is unrivalled, and Campbell Marson will soon launch a range of unusual products all made from wood.



Our Campbell Marson archive still has a picture of the ballroom floor on the Queen Mary cruise liner being sanded circa 1936. With a shared production facility in London, we have created a dynamic business that includes some of the finest cabinet makers available, with expertise not only in hand crafted wooden floors, but other unusual products as well.


Our installation teams have been with us for several years or more and their experience begins before the product is even made...

We are specialists in high quality installations of bespoke wooden flooring in London and the rest of the UK, and most of our installation teams have been with us for over 10 years. They all carry hygrometers and take moisture readings on initial site survey, and on the day of installation to ensure site conditions are correct.


A hand finished floor will only look elegant and stylish if it’s installed correctly. We use the latest technology to monitor not only site conditions before we install, but also our floors performance over a period of time.


We offer the most cost effective solutions for commercial and retail developments, as well as any type of custom made wooden floor.

Our projects have included:

Client: Rolex   |   Product: Hand Made Wooden Panels

Client: Fulham Reach   |   Product: 7,000 sqm custom finished Oak

Client: Canary Riverside   |   Product: 25,000 sqm Oak

Client: Bulgari Hotel   |   Product: Penthouse Residence Flooring



If your project requires a special floor design or a hand made panel, then we can create them all in miniatures for you to see.

Making samples saves a huge amount of time and energy for our clients. If you have a specific design or pattern you would like, then just send us a sketch and our production team will make a CAD drawing for you along with a miniature floor panel.


As well as new timbers we also hold stock of a variety of reclaimed timbers in our London workshop that can be machined into any type of floor.

From planks to panels; we aim to minimise wastage, and therefore reclaimed planks also usually come in various widths / lengths. Our reclaimed wood also comes with a certificate of authenticity stating where it was sourced from and length of time in its original location.