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Wooden Floors & Other Wooden Things

You can make absolutely anything out of wood. And at Turgon we love to make things, not just wooden floors

People often ask me, as the director of a prestigious wooden flooring company like Turgon, why I don’t write serious articles about the wooden floors that we actually fit, and the huge process we go through to deliver and install a Turgon floor. Because it would be insane that’s why. I really wouldn’t want to bore people by explaining the process we go through in the making of one of our floors. I would probably also end up in prison, as getting it right sometimes involves a lot of screaming and a large baseball bat. And I’m not really sure we should be sharing our treasured secrets with the authorities. Unlike the majority of wood floor companies, we not only finish all our own products here in London Town, we hand make all our own floor panels as well. But in all fairness, it’s usually the trade itself that asks me the silliest questions, especially regarding our antique and aged looking floors.

We own a production unit close to another wood flooring centre that specialises in Chinese made products. Quite frankly, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to bomb their little warehouse to smithereens, but I can’t get my hands on an F16. The MD of this company appears on our doorstep on a regular basis asking all sorts of silly questions like, which machine did you use to make this floor, and which machine was used to make that floor. It’s at this point that I want to bury a large chisel in his forehead, so he will always be able to see the type of tool we use for special floors. ‘It was made by hand’ I keep telling him. ‘Ahhh’ he always replies’ In China they will make this for half the price.’ It’s his stock answer whenever he sees one of our special finishes. One day I will send him to his beloved China in a large create, and eagerly await his return. This way I can be assured he will return faulty, breakdown within 3 months, and never bother us again.

Our market is a niche market, and our clients all share the same passion which is refreshing. They don’t want cheap off the shelf products. They want special products that will serve as a statement of what they are trying to achieve in either their homes or their lives. It’s hugely rewarding, but extremely difficult because we are always working to either difficult technical specifications, or deadlines, or both.

Making special products is a serious business for Turgon. There’s no time for joking around when it comes to making a wooden floor for a client. We employ real cabinet makers in our company, not just a couple of clowns that once build a wardrobe in their mum’s bedroom. What they do is a fine art. And we’re very proud of it. But I also understand that our market is limited, and as we are specialists in what we do, and a little dearer than most, my ramblings are really addressed to the masses that need some down to earth and sensible advice, not some techno jargon about floors that they will never understand.

Architects and designers know they can visit our facility in North London to see our special skill sets, ask all the serious questions they need to ask, and also assure themselves that their clients are in safe hands. They will also be able to see that we really do employ real cabinet makers, unlike other companies that just pretend.

Some of them do get to see some silly things we make as well, like the wooden car we made with a wooden engine.

Of course it woodn’t go.

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