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Wooden Floors for Underfloor Heating

Wooden floors for under floor heating that won't move - E.P.H Tested Wooden Floors

There are many products on the market today that claim to be compatible with underfloor heating, some of them solid, some of them engineered and some of them semi solids. However there is only one range of wooden floors for under floor heating that has been thoroughly tested and can back up that claim with a German EPH Test.

Boards that are EPH (Entwicklungs und Pruflabor Holtztechnologie) tested have been rigorously tested for there suitability of use with under floor heating systems.

The testing procedure looks at and tests the bonding quality between the hardwood veneer and the plywood base and the boards resistance to climatic changes.

Wooden Floors for Under Floor Heating

A Rigorous Testing

The bonding quality is tested by soaking the board in a water bath at 70 degrees centigrade for two hours and then drying at 60 degrees for a period of three hours. After the drying process the board is checked for delamination between the hardwood veneer and the plywood base. It is very important to test all Wooden Floors for Under Floor Heating before their use, to see how they react with temperature variations.

The determination of the resistance to climatic change is carried out by bonding the wooden floors to an underfloor heating panel and then exposing the floor to extremes of air relative humidity ranging from 30% to 85% over a period of 4 weeks at a constant temperature of 23 degrees centigrade. At the end of the 4 week period the boards are tested for gaps on the long sides and short sides of the boards, height differences between adjacent boards and the flatness of the boards.

The reason that our Wooden Floors for Underfloor heating pass these rigorous tests is due to the unique manufacturing process we use. This process is normally only used for the production of veneers for the furniture industry and hence this is the only production method using a real wood surface for engineered flooring that can guarantee a wide plank flooring board against the following problems that have now been found to be associated with multifloor and engineered flooring fitted over under floor heating.

Durable Planks

Our planks will not move due to adverse effects of humidity levels which in other planks can cause the board to become crowned due to the exceptional strength of the hardwood layer acting on the ply base.

EPH tested planks will not be adversely effected by excessive heat which in other planks can cause contraction of the hardwood top layer resulting in fissure cracks.

EPH tested planks will not suffer from delamination of the of the hardwood surface from the substructure due to excessive forces of expansion and contraction associated with under floor heating and other seasonal and climatic effects.

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