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Wooden Flooring is Good for All of Us

Alright, you can’t cut it into small tablet sized pieces and swallow it every time you get a snivel, and you can’t blend it in your supa dupa blend o’matic nitro bullet super juicer to give you that get up and go every morning. So to half the population, it’s already useless. Because it seems to me that unless it’s loaded with vitamins, or you can blend something into the consistency of baby poo, it doesn’t get a health ticket.

Are You Living With Carpet Bugs

So what has a wooden floor got that it can claim that it has any kind of health benefits?


Well, it’s about what it hasn’t got, and what it can’t do, as opposed to what it has got and what it can do that makes it special. First of all, it’s not the real estate king of the floor covering world. That title is held by the common carpet, which houses every type of bug, like the common house dust mite, fleas, carpet beetles, parasites and every other nasty little creepy crawly that you can even think of. And these little creatures don’t pay rent either. They live in your home, watch TV, feed off the dead skin your body sheds, nibble away at your toes, and produce allergies you didn’t even know about. All absolutely free. Your carpet is just a home for anything that wants to live in it. And everything usually does live in it, but you rarely see any of them which is just as well.

But the health benefits of wood floors are enormous, because you’re not going to be constantly breathing in germs that live in a carpet. In simple non medical terms, you’re just going to feel a whole lot better. I know, because it’s the only reason I ever bought a wood floor in the first place, and I do feel so much better for it. No breathing difficulties at night, and no sneezing like I used to. In short, a carpet can contain up to 100 times more allergens than a hard floor covering, so getting rid of these nasty parasites takes a lot of hard work. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation in America you have to ‘Wash bedding, uncovered pillows and stuffed toys in hot water (130 degree F.) to kill mites. Basically, you’re going to have to boil your unwanted guests to death. But don’t worry, because nobody’s coming to the rescue of the house mite.

Cutting Down Trees is Good.

Contrary to popular belief, cutting down trees and making things like wooden flooring is actually good for the environment if it’s done ethically. This means if you chop down a tree, you replace it with another tree. A new carbon hungry tree. And that’s what it’s all about – carbon. Trees store carbon, and when it’s time to chop down a mature old tree, the carbon it’s been storing for hundreds of years remains stored when this tree is made into wooden flooring, wooden furniture or wooden houses. It’s only if you burn the wood that the carbon is released back into the atmosphere where it will be immediately gobbled up by the new carbon hungry trees you’ve planted.

Using wood to burn as fuel is carbon neutral as long as you plant new trees when you chop one down to burn. It’s a much better, more environmentally friendly alternative to burning fossil fuels. Now I know most of you will think, so what, I’ve read this in articles a hundred times before by wood flooring companies. Maybe you did but not by somebody that really believes in it, and certainly not by somebody that’s actually doing it and putting it into practice.

We Practice What We Preach

Turgon isn’t just a wood flooring company. We’re a building company too, and our development company in Kosovo, Chelsea Point, is installing bio mass wood pellet boilers into all of its 85 regency style homes and apartments that we are currently building. We’re incredibly proud to be the first residential estate in the whole of the Balkans to be powering a complex with green energy. But we’re doing even more. We’re buying our own bio mass pellet making machine, and by collecting all the waste wood locally, we can dry it, burn it, and put all that carbon that’s been locked away right back into the atmosphere where it can be reabsorbed by those carbon hungry trees we planted.

As my daughter so beautifully articulated, ‘Dad, you talk rubbish’. But for once, she actually thinks I’m not.

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