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LATEST NEWS / Wooden Flooring – How to Keep Customers Happy.  

Wooden Flooring – How to Keep Customers Happy.  

It’s All About Communication

Having spent 3 years studying journalism in my home country of Kosovo, I felt that I was well prepared to head customer services and installations at wooden flooring company,Turgon. My own personal experiences and professional training have shown me that communication is the key to success and problem solving when it comes to customers, family, friends and even intimate relationships.


And I’m not only talking about just the clients either. My job involves dealing with all our company representatives on a daily basis, from the installers, to the surveyors and the production staff, so good communication inside the company between all my colleagues is crucial.

I’ve been working for Turgon for over 4 years, and I’ve had the chance to do a bit of everything. I started in marketing, then I worked in production learning how we make our wooden flooring, and now I run installation and customer services. It seems that now I’m even blogging!

Doing all of that, I’ve had a chance to listen to the client enquires, explain details to the fitters on site, and offer my attention to the clients that occasionally want to shout at me over the phone. Fortunately, I do understand that our customers, whether they are architects, contractors, designers or private clients, are spending a lot of money and therefore demand a first class service. It’s all down to patience which I have in abundance.

Be Careful What You Promise !

Our marketing and sales departments are incredibly transparent, and they know that dealing with wooden floor finishes is not like dealing with paint, which is always a constant and even colour.  There can be a lot of variation with wood, and part of my job is to remind our customers to expect some variation in colour before we manufacture. Fortunately, our whole team is very thorough and professional, and they always show as large a sample as possible, and ask customers to view a few boards in production before full manufacture. However, we can still have problems like everybody else, but as I always say, where there’s a problem, there’s a solution. It’s the way you deal with problems that make the difference to a client.

Customers Need To Know You Care.

Being in customer services means you’re the first one to know about any problems, either from the client, or from your own fitting team. So be prepared to listen, listen and listen. Make sure you understand the problem even if you don’t quite know how you’re going to deal with it. You know the drill : Your client is never wrong!.  After they release their anger and finish what they have to say, they want to know what you’re going to do about it.

Well, sometimes you just don’t know! But the procedure is always the same. Discuss the situation with everyone dealing with the job, locate the problem, and find the best way to solve it, quickly!

If the problem is a real issue, then you can always get a director to call the customer. It shows you really care if you go that far.

Finally, if you are going to work in customer services, you must know exactly how your company runs. Inside out. That means working in all the parts of the business, and understanding all the problems that can arise. And that just takes time.


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