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Wooden Flooring – The Italian Way

Wooden Flooring – The Italian Job

If you can see your reflection in a nice highly polished wooden floor, you can bet it’s an Italian wooden floor. The Italians love a highly polished, highly lacquered look to their wooden flooring, and we Brits, well, we just don’t. Except me of course. Personally I think it’s to do with vanity. The Italians love to check themselves out at every conceivable opportunity, and a floor is the perfect medium for them to do so. Check out any American movie that has an Italian in it, and you’ll always see a shiny mop of greased back hair, and a shiny leather jacket shiny shoes, oh, and a shiny stiletto. They just love a shine.

An Italian designer wooden floor is every inch the Lamborghini of wooden flooring, and although we can offer the same choice in the UK, the truth is, we just don’t want a Lamborghini. Which is, as far as I’m concerned, a real shame. Yes, we like panel and pattern floors and Turgon have done a string of them for a whole host of glamorous names, but they never seem to feature exotic woods with a sanded and polished finish. The Italians on the other hand seem to be far more adventurous with their choice of timbers, which can sometimes admittedly be a little over the top. But hey, we’re talking Italian here so over the top is what we’ve come to love and respect from our Italian friends.

polished floor

The Italians are famous for all sorts of strange little things other than just the mafia, Ferrari and Versace. The most famous wooden thing the Italians have ever come up with is Pinochio, you know, that silly little puppet who’s nose would grow bigger every time he told a lie. He eventually morphed into Berlusconi.

Pizza. Now that’s a nice little Italian creation, and you can tell how much pizza they eat there due to their ever expanding backsides. But you can forget spaghetti. That’s a Chinese thing. Marco Polo went to China sometime in the 13th century and found the Chinese had been eating noodles from as early as 3000 B.C. So my guess is is that he nicked the idea, and re invented as pasta, and the Italians haven’t stopped banging on about it ever since. And what’s so great about pasta anyway. As far as I’m concerned, pasta and cornflakes are the staple diet of any self respecting student. No big deal. Besides, there’s some discussion over whether it really was the Chinese that came up with pasta, or the Greeks. Yes, the Greeks. Home of Kebabs. Or was that the Lebanese.

Anyway, pasta I admit, has nothing to do with wooden flooring, but its all about style, which the Italians have in abundance. But I really do like the sanded highly glossed wooden floor look,and its a shame we dont do more of it in the UK. We’re always looking for the quick fix in the UK, which of course I understand, and Turgon wooden flooring does install a huge amount of pre finished flooring. But as you know at Turgon, we always like the weird and wonderful, and the more complicated the floor we’re installing, the more fun.

Anyway no need to worry about the Italian Mafia anymore.The Russians have arrived.

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