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Wax Oil, Lacquer and Scooby Doo. Confused ?

If you want a floor that Scooby Doo would love, then you might want to consider lacquer. Buts whats the difference between Lacquer, oil, wax oil etc etc. It's just so confusing.

Lacquered Walnut with Wax Oil
Lacquered Walnut


UV Oil and Wax Oil. I just Don’t Understand.

As though having to choose between solid, engineered or multi layered wood flooring isn’t bad enough, now you have to decide whether you have a finish on your floor that will turn your dog into Scooby Doo, or whether you keep the eco warriors happy, and go for a natural eco friendly oil that will save us all from toxic hell. Well, its not that complicated, and it really does depend on how you want your new floor to look. But, there is one type of finish that still leaves me scratching my head. UV Oiled wood floors. As far as I can see, using UV is just a way to speed up the drying time on a production line so the factory can ship their products out quicker. That’s it. Unless there’s some boffin out there that can tell me in straightforward plain old English, or French, why they’re so wonderful and how they actually enhance the buyers’ life. Because as far as I can see,they don’t.

UV Oils.

All I ever read about UV oils is the same old rhetoric. They’re tough, they’re indestructible, they last a life time, and you can ice skate on them. They even last into the after life when you’re long gone, so your spirit can come back to check that the finish does indeed last beyond death. If not, you can legally haunt the manufacturers, and that’s why we have ghosts. Anyway its nonsense. All of it. No wonder we have ghosts.

Now, I didn’t spend hours researching this because I reckon that if I can apply a bit of logic, engage my frazzled brain, I can come up with something that makes sense. This is what happens. A load of wood flooring comes hurtling down the production line, has a special UV oil sprayed on it, dries under a UV light for special UV oils, then gets sent to the packaging line, all in the time it would take one man to oil one plank by hand. Now, tell me, if these special UV oils have been specially dried under UV lights, because it’s special UV oil, how in heavens name are you supposed to maintain it or re-coat it. As far as I’m concerned you can’t, and anybody that tells you that you can, is talking rubbish. And that’s the story of UV oils, so any other reason for their existence is just for fairies.

How To Get Arthritis – Pure, Natural and Wax Oil

Pure Wax

Waxed Chevron Antique Floor with Wax Oil
Waxed Chevron Antique Floor

We‘ve been using wax on wood for centuries. And I bet you don’t know much about it either. That’s because there’s nobody left alive to tell you about it because they all dropped dead from exhaustion. Real wax polished floors look spectacular, but, they don’t offer much protection, and you will have to re wax and polish it once a month at least if you want to maintain its beauty (Read below for Wax Oil). Before the invention of the buffing machine, some poor old sod had to get down on his hands and knees and apply wax to the floor to maintain it. And what for. Just so he could get arthritis quicker that’s what for. There are of course safer ways of applying wax today, but its still not going to offer much protection. If you have an aged antique floor that would really benefit from waxing, and lots of domestic staff who don’t mind getting arthritis, then wax is for you.

Wax Oil.

Wax Oil is a quick drying finish, its water repellent, its good for the wood, its easy to maintain, easy to repair, it comes in different colors, different surface finishes, mat silk or gloss, and you can buy it everywhere apart from Marks and Spencers. And you can apply the Wax Oil without getting arthritis. Did I miss something? Wax Oil is one of the most popular choices, and you can see how many positives you can have from it.

Natural Oil

For those of you who played cricket at school, and then spent half the summer putting linseed oil on your bat, because that’s what the teacher told you to do to keep the wood in good condition, then this is just for you. I only ever had one customer that really insisted on natural floor oil. She developed tourette’s syndrome within about a week, and then decided she wasn’t such an eco maniac after all. I mean it’s impossible to keep clean, and it needs to be maintained every 5 minutes. You’ll need a small army just to deal with the dirt and stains it’ll attract. But, if you are prepared to maintain it, you will end up with a floor that looks like the floor in Copenhagen Airport. Stunning. But they maintain it almost daily. Yes yes, it looks really nice, enhances the natural tones of the wood etc etc. But if you’re not prepared to put in the elbow grease, the only colour it’s really going to enhance is your face. Deep angry red.  Don’t bother.

There’s Nothing Nicer Than A Shiny Wooden Floor


When I was a small boy, I used to dream of having a flash apartment with a shiny wooden floor, because that’s  what they always had in the movies. I don’t know which one. All of them I think. There’s something really sexy about a highly glossed lacquered wooden floor. First of all it looks amazing, and really does bring out the rich tones and grain of the wood. Secondly, and more importantly, if you’ve got a really big place with a long hallway and you can get some speed up, you can do some serious power slides. Don’t laugh, because when I first started Turgon, I installed an American Walnut floor in my home, put 3 layers of gloss lacquer on it, and spent the next couple of years doing power slides down my own hallway. Weeeeeeeee. Just don’t let your cleaner loose on it with furniture polish, or you’ll end up sliding straight through your French windows.

Turgon has collaborated with UK’s best companies to provide quality finishing products, such as Blanchon 

Gloss lacquers are tough. Really tough. Ok, they can scratch and mark quite easily, and you can’t really maintain them other than re sanding, but who cares ?

You get the wow factor, the sex factor and the Scooby Doo factor, all in one.

I love it.

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