Learn more about our wooden flooring products and installation services

With an experience of a century in the wooden flooring market, we have created a professional team that offers the ultimate service from the estimating to the wooden floor aftercare


Services we provide :


We believe that what makes us special in the wooden flooring market around the world is our hand finished custom production. We have our own workshop in London with a fully trained team working on each order, applying oils and stains all by hand. This has made it possible for us to create a special range of wooden flooring with unique finishes. We can make a new hardwood floor look like it was installed hundreds of years ago using simple hand tools and custom colour finishing.


We have London’s best installation team, each member of the team has over 20 years experience. Having our own fitting team offers our clients the best quality control and therefore protection of their investment. We provide a full site survey and installation service which includes hygrometer readings not only of your wood flooring, but also of the site conditions to make sure we are compliant with British standards. We constantly communicate with the project manager and the contract builders to ensure the projects runs smoothly at all times.


Turgon are experts in the restoration of existing wood flooring. We have undertaken projects on repairing wooden floors that are over 50 years old and bring them back to their original glory. Our team will visit the property to check the condition of the wooden floor and will offer the best option for repairing your wooden floor, whether that means oiling, sanding or just partially replacing damaged areas. Our teams are trained to custom hand finish the wooden floors, therefore they will be able to apply any finish you would choose.


After you have chosen one of our beautiful floors and before every project we undertake, we offer a personal assessment of the property. One of our team will visit you to inspect the site conditions, measure up the area and present you with the best possible estimate based on your choice of flooring.


Maintaining the floor is one of our customers main concerns, therefore we have created our own maintenance guide that we offer to help customers look after their floors. Because we have an enormous range of finishes, we keep our customers informed accurately as to which products are most suitable in the care and maintenance of thir new floors. We have worked closely with our stain and oil suppliers to create the aftercare guide based on each product used on the wooden floor.


We ensure that all our wood flooring comes from properly managed forests and is finished, when possible, with environmentally friendly oils and lacquers. We strive to minimize waste in all areas of our production and adhere to a strict recycling process. Recently we have created our own range of reclaimed flooring, recycling used wooden floors to have them restored in our workshop and ready to use for unique projects.