Reclaimed Wood Flooring
We prefer to source products with provenance where possible, giving a project a much more interesting

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

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Reclaimed Flooring

By choosing to use reclaimed lumber for flooring you are making an eco-conscious choice. It has also an almost romantic side of it, because you are using a wooden floor that has history and has not been beaten by time. Reclaimed wood is usually sourced from old house or even barns and sometimes they are more than 100 years old.

In the recent years it has been highly recommended to use reclaimed wooden floor not just for their environmentally friendly use but also for their unique nature.

Most of reclaimed wood has an interesting original color variation that adds a lot to the extraordinary interior appearance.

We try to treat all our reclaimed timbers as carefully as possible, and rarely do anything to them until they are selected for a project. At this point we decide exactly how it should be cut and finished.

Sometimes it’s not always possible to find a reclaimed timber that is suitable for your project, in which case we can usually recreate a similar effect by wood manipulation and ageing.

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