Historic Timbers circa BC 600-6500 Carbon Dated

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Historic Bog Oak circa BC 600 - 6500 Carbon Dated

Bog Oak – called so because several thousands of years ago forests of oak used to grow where these bog lands are found today. The remains of those forests are found 4.5m to 6m deep in the bogs and riverbeds. It takes a huge amount of skill and resources to extract these logs. They are incredibly rare and sought after, as well as being one of the most beautiful species of wood to be found anywhere in the world. Depending on age, they can vary between dark brown and black all the way through. Wood this age is also incredible.

The importance of these wood is also shown on the way they are being extracted from the bogs and riverbeds. It is a process that requires expertise from the specialists of the water basins, frogmen and expensive and heavy equipment to extract the raw materials.
The work doesn’t end there as all these woods need to be age certified and labeled by the required institutions and then processed, maintained and ready to be used as our most perfect wooden floors and most unique furniture in the world.
These bog oaks are known to be within the range of 600 to 6500 years old and limited on a global scale so, it is always exciting to be working with them and creating the most artistic nature wooden crafts you’ve ever seen.


We can offer any sized planks up to approx 300mm wide. Lengths, of course, can vary. It is also possible to make engineered planks but due to the stability of bog oak it is generally thought unnecessary.

Fallen trees have undergone a chemical change over the years, and without oxygen and light they have acquired, over time, unique strength and aesthetic values. Bog Oak is characterized by its dark color diversity, strength, unique cracks and its extraordinary texture. It is also one of the hardest and one of the most expensive kind of wood. The process of replacing organic with mineral substances (up to 17%) causes its density and durability of a lifetime.