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Herringbone patterns are a timeless choice, and work well in both residential and commercial spaces. The traditional size of herringbone patterns are 70mm by 350mm in length, with a depth of 10mm. Turgon can offer any custom size.

We can also offer any herringbone floor in any wood species and in any type of finish.

Celtis Africana (StinkWood)

stinkwood panel 100 BARE TIMBER


There are a number of different types of Stinkwood which can sometimes be difficult to identify. There is both black and white stinkwood, with the black being protected due to over exploitation.

This white stinkwood sample has been quarter cut and sanded, but still looks stunning and timeless wood flooring.It is only available in short lengths therefore ideally suited to panels or herringbone. As the name suggests, it doesn't actually smell bad.