Herringbone patterns are a timeless choice, and work equally well in both residential and commercial spaces


Herringbone patterns are a timeless choice, and work well in both residential and commercial spaces. The traditional size of herringbone patterns are 70mm by 350mm in length, with a depth of 10mm. Turgon can offer any custom size.

We can also offer any herringbone floor in any wood species and in any type of finish.

Technical aspects

Expert engineering is essential to ensure that the overall look of the floor is perfected. If blocks are not precision made, then an excess of filler will be required after sanding. This may not be visible initially, but over time as the blocks naturally move, the filler will begin to degrade and the end result will be untidy and unattractive. Of course, any herringbone floor that is to be sanded and finished in situ will always need filling, but we ensure that this is optimised by using only the most expertly manufactured blocks.

The options

Turgon offers total customisation for herringbone floors, with the customer choosing their size, wood and finish. We often recommend wax oiled floors with a slightly distressed and aged finish for customers who are looking for a solution that minimises maintenance needs and which needs no sanding. Every herringbone floor that we install is hand finished, aged and distressed by our own team of artisan cabinet makers, who carefully recreate an aged feel with real authenticity. We never use ‘tumbling machines’ to distress our floors, as these leave dents and marks in the wood and damage the tongues, resulting in a finish that is compromised and which looks artificial.

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The detail in every panel starts with careful cutting to make sure all the individual pieces sit comfortably, whilst retaining the shape of the overall panel. Our craftsmen will perfect the finest details of each design.


The beauty of using panels, either traditional or modern, laser cut or hand made, is the extraordinary variety of decorative effects you can create by simply mixing wood species and patterns together.


Because panels are made up of individual pieces, they are more stable and therefore less likely to be by variations in temperature. Our hand made processes ensure the very highest quality.