Chevron flooring provides a long lasting surface, a stunning design feature and a timeless aesthetic


One of the most intricate and beautiful flooring options available, chevron flooring provides a long lasting surface, a stunning design feature and a timeless aesthetic. To ensure that our chevron floors are seamless and durable, each piece is precision engineered by our skilled and experienced craftsmen.

The more precisely your floor is engineered, the easier it will be to install. Floors that are out by even a fraction of a millimeter can quickly run out of line, seriously affecting the finished look. As the fitting method for this type of flooring is glue down, the sub floor needs to be perfectly level in order for the finished floor to look as good as possible. 

Any chevron in any size colour or finish.

History & Additional Information

One of the oldest interior design patterns around, the chevron was being utilised as early as 1800BC. Found on pottery in ancient Crete, the pattern has been used for thousands of years to add detail and style to our fixtures and fittings.

The popularity of chevron flooring exploded in 17th century France when the pattern was used to enhance royal palaces and the homes of nobility. Valued for its complexity and its ability to refract light, chevron flooring has been gracing our homes ever since.

In order to achieve the very best results possible, every single piece of chevron flooring that leaves our workshop is handcrafted by our skilled team of workmen. Though time consuming, this hands-on approach guarantees a seamless finish and ensures we do justice to this exquisite style of elegant wood flooring.


The detail in every panel starts with careful cutting to make sure all the individual pieces sit comfortably, whilst retaining the shape of the overall panel. Our craftsmen will perfect the finest details of each design.


The beauty of using panels, either traditional or modern, laser cut or hand made, is the extraordinary variety of decorative effects you can create by simply mixing wood species and patterns together.


Because panels are made up of individual pieces, they are more stable and therefore less likely to be by variations in temperature. Our hand made processes ensure the very highest quality.