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My Wooden Floor Is Scratched. Do I get Rid of My Husband

If you get a scratch on your new wooden floor, don't worry. It all goes towards the ageing process.

Just for once, this is a small problem that can’t be blamed on the manufacturer or the company. Or can it. I remember a customer once asking one of our sales staff if our wood floor would scratch. Her response was a bit abrupt but if nothing else, brutally honest. ‘If you don’t want scratches’ she screamed in her heavy foreign accent ‘don’t buy wood flooring”.  Now this delightful little sales girl came from the same part of the world my parents came from, and I can tell you now that they are not known for their politeness or charm. The customer looked shocked, the salesgirl looked even more shocked, and I was convulsed with laughter. She was of course right, but a more subtle approach would have been more appreciated. Still, it did make me wonder about customer expectations, and of course, the manufacturer’s claims that certain lacquers were bomb proof and wouldn’t scratch. All nonsense of course.

It’s Going To Get Scratched

A wood floor is going to scratch, scruff mark dent and wear regardless of how careful you are. And does it really matter. I don’t think it does because all these marks and dents will all add character over the years. That’s why people pay so much for antique and reclaimed flooring.


But what happens when you do get a scratch on your new wooden floor. Become hysterical, phone the company, scream at the manager. All standard. ‘My table doesn’t scratch like this’ I often hear people say. I’m sure it doesn’t, and that’s because your table isn’t exposed to people tap dancing on it daily. Dirt will never really harm a floor, but stones stuck to the bottom of your shoes will, and if they’re sharp, they’ll scratch through any type if lacquer you’ve ever read about.


However, there’s are a number of things you can do to address scratches on your wooden floor other than becoming hysterical, and some of them very simple and effective. I used to have a beautiful walnut floor which I absolutely adored, and a bunch of friends who didn’t give two hoots about my beautiful walnut floor. So no matter how hard I tried, it got thrashed, scratched and bashed. So, I simply got out a tin of brown kiwi shoe polish, and just rubbed some in. Simple. And wax is never going to harm your wooden floor. But what about the deeper more serious stuff. Well, to be honest that never really concerned me either, because I really am one of these people that doesn’t mind if a floor gets scratched to pieces. Bash a carpet up and its going to look horrible. Bash a wood floor up, and, well, just watch it do what you’re going to do. Grow old and bashed.

Its An Old Trick, But It Works

If you really can’t live with scratches on your wooden floor, try this. Get a wet cloth, and put it on top of the dent or mark in the wood. Get an iron on the hottest setting, and literally iron out the dent. It’s quite simple really. The moisture just makes the wood expand again.

However there’s lots of tips you can find on how to remove scratches and dents from your wooden floor.

I’m just here to tell you you’re going to get them. Lots of them.





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