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Acoustic Underlay : An underlay fitted under a floating wooden floor that helps stop footfall noise to rooms below.

Acclimatisation : The process of allowing wood to stand in the room it is to be fitted to help achieve moisture equilibrium.

Antiqued : This can refer to genuine antique floors that are over 100 years old or to the process of making new floors look like antique floors.

BS 8201:2011 : This is the British Standard Code of practice for installation of flooring of wood and wood-based panels

Brushing : The process where by wooden floors are given texture by a brushing process with a stiff wire brush, either by hand or by machine.

Birch Plywood : Multiple thin layers of Birch wood bonded together with grain running perpendicular on each layer to create a stable board. Often used as a base for engineered wood flooring.

Bevel : A 45 degree cut on the edge of a plank of wood, makes a feature of the join between two adjacent boards and helps to disguise movement.

Chevron : Pieces of wood of the same length the ends of which are cut at an angle so two adjacent pieces meet to for a V pattern.

Continuous Versailles : This is a replica of the pattern found within Versailles Panels which are them selves found in the Versailles Palace. The pattern is not bordered into panels making it suitable for smaller spaces.

Crown Sawn : This is the most common and economical way of cutting timber often referred to as plain sawn or flat sawn. The resulting wood will show a cathedral pattern on the face of the board.

DPM : Damp Proof Membrane. This is a physical plastic barrier or a liquid barrier applied to concrete screeds to protect the wooden flooring from residual moisture.

Dust Mite : A cosmopolitan pyroglyphid that lives in human habitation. Dust mites feed on flakes of  human skin and hair. They are often found in carpets. Yuck.

Dust Sheet : Plastic or cloth sheeting used to protect furniture during dusty work.

E - H

Engineered Floors : A term describing hardwood floor construction where a hardwood top layer is bonded to a more stable base layer made of different layers of wood.

Exotic Species : Generally timber of African, Far eastern or South American origin.

Eased Edges : A very small rolled edge to a solid square edge board similar to a bevel.

Expansion Gap : A gap at the perimeter of the room to allow for seasonal expansion of the wooden floor.

Floor Probe : A thermostatic temperature probe fitted under the floor essential on all installations using under floor heating.

Floating Floor : A type of flooring installation where the floor is not fixed to the sub floor. The floor planks are glued together to form a continuous raft sitting on top of an underlay.

Face nailed : A technique of fixing solid floors using nails through the face of the board.

FSC : Forestry Stewardship Council, a regulatory body concerned with the ethical sourcing of timber products.

Green Heart : A very hard exotic species of wood from South America.

Grading : The selection process for wood when it is split into different grades such as Prime, Rustic, Quarter Sawn etc

Grain : The visible lines in wood that show the natural growth rings of the log.

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