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Once you have chosen your hardwood floor and your hardwood flooring installer, there are a few things you will want to know to help things run smoothly on the day of fitting. Most professional wood flooring companies who supply and fit will have either talked you through exactly where the responsibility lie for both company and consumer. This should be done both verbally and in a written document.

Below is a list of points, which should have been discussed and agreed prior to installation of your wooden flooring. When will the wood arrive? When will the fitters arrive? Who will move the furniture? Who will uplift existing floor coverings? Who will dispose of existing floor coverings? What will happen if there is a problem with my sub floor?* When do I need to pay the balance and whom do I pay? Do I need to arrange parking permits for the fitters? Do I need to be present during the fitting? How long will the job take? * often problems with sub floors only become apparent once the existing floor covering have been removed.

Once the job has been completed, make sure you check the wooden floor thoroughly before the fitters leave. Be rigorous and detailed as this is very important. If you are unhappy with anything let the fitters know immediately as usually the problem can be resolved immediately.


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