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Common Problems

Most people who experience dissatisfaction with their wood flooring are either; not happy with the quality of the flooring and/or fitting of the floor, or not happy with the performance of the floor over time.


If you are unhappy with the quality of the flooring and/or the fitting, first try to resolve the problem with the fitters on the day of fitting. If and you are unable to resolve the problem then call the shop or office and insist that a representative come to view the issue in person. Before they come out to see you, be clear what it is you are unhappy about. Make a list of all the problems that you feel need to be rectified. Make sure you tell them about everything; do not hold some problems back to be bought up at a later date. This kind of procedure, especially on larger jobs, is not uncommon. Most professional wood flooring companies will be able to manage the process in such a way that you will experience little or no inconvenience. Occasionally there will be an impasse. This may be due to genuine concerns on your part and belligerence on the part of the contractor, or it may be due to unrealistic expectations on your part. In these rare cases an independent third party is usually the best way to proceed. It is important that any third party fits the following criteria. Regarded as an expert in hardwood flooring. Agreed by both parties. Designated to make a decision that will be considered final and that both parties agree to abide by.


If you are not happy with the performance of your wooden floor over time your first port of call will be your supplier and/or fitter. If this is the same company it will make things much easier and you are much more likely to have your concerns answered satisfactorily. Arrange a site visit with the contractor, making sure you have a list of all your concerns. Here are some common performance related problems that may arise over time: The varnish wearing away too quickly. The boards may be cupping or bowing. Gaps are appearing between the boards. Boards are lifting and sitting proud of the general floor level. The wooden floor is showing signs of discolouration. Most of these problems are caused by one, or a combination of, the following reasons. Poor acclimatisation of the wood to site conditions. Incorrect fitting of the wood floor. Poor site conditions at time of fitting. Poor maintenance of the wooden floor. Poor site conditions after fitting. A professional hardwood flooring contractor will have records that will show prevailing site conditions and wood floor moisture levels at the time of fitting making diagnosis of the problem much easier. If you are unhappy with the recommendations of your hardwood flooring contractor, then an independent flooring consultant is the best way to proceed.


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