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Can you resurface a wood floor?

Yes wooden floors can be restored, do not try and do this yourself you will almost certainly make a mess of it. Call in the experts and they will restore the floor to it's former glory.

How much does it cost to refinish a wooden floor?

This will depend on how much sanding is needed and if there are any repairs that need doing. It will be much cheaper than a new floor.

Can a water-damaged wood floor be repaired?

Yes it often can be. It will need to be assessed by a professional hardwood flooring company and some of it may need to be replaced and the entire will will certainly need refinishing.

What’s the best way to sand a wood floor?

The best way to sand a wooden floor is by hiring an expert to do it for you. Professional hardwood flooring companies will have all the right tools and will have an in house team that specialise in floor sanding and finishing.

Can you paint wooden floors?

Yes you can although the best way to achieve a coloured finish to your hardwood floor is by staining and oil-waxing or staining and varnishing.

Can you stain hardwood floors?

Yes you can stain hardwood floors. The floor needs to be sanded back to bare wood first and some woods are better than other at being stained. Consult your hardwood flooring professionals for more advice.


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