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Do you need underlay for hardwood floors?

You don’t have to have an underlay with a hardwood floor, in fact if your hardwood floor is solid you must never use an underlay. Solid hardwood floors are relatively unstable and should therefore be mechanically fixed to the sub floor. Only engineered or semi solid floors are stable enough to float on top of an underlay.

Can I use existing carpet underlay beneath my new wood floor?

No you cannot. Carpet underlay has too much give in it. If you fit your hardwood floor on top of carpet underlay the boards will move and will either squeak or come apart or both.

Why do I need to acclimatise my wood floor?

Wood is hygroscopic which means it takes on moisture when the air has high relative humidity and will loose moisture when the air has low relative humidity. When wood takes on moisture it expands, when it looses moisture it contracts. To minimise this expansion and contraction it is good practice to acclimatise the wood for 2 weeks prior to fitting. This only applies to solid wood, engineered boards are kiln dried to around 8% moisture content and because of their construction are much more stable and hence they do not need to be acclimatised.

Can I use Parquet Flooring for my Stairs?

Yes hardwood flooring can be used on the stairs.