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From Russia with Love

Over 70% of all wooden flooring that comes from Russia has been illegally logged. Remember that when you buy a Russian Oak floor.

Now, I could have been really clever here and written this article in Russian, but there was only one slight flaw in the plan. I can only write in French. I feel a little bit of a fraud blogging about Russian wooden flooring because I’ve never actually set foot in Russia, although Turgon has supplied and installed wooden floors in Moscow, and has also installed wooden floors for a number of high profile Russian clients in London. I therefore feel qualified to say my piece, and risk of course upsetting a few gangsters along the way and ending up with a bullet right between my eyes. I’ll take a chance. The British public is worth it.

Flash, or pure black, or pure white, or just outrageous design. But I can assure you one thing, it’s going to be one or the other. The Russians just love wooden flooring. Go to any elegant home in Russia and I am assured you will find a wooden floor of distinction, and it will almost certainly be made from oak. But which type of oak? Well, for a start, Russia is the the largest forest country on earth, and the timber industry is worth nearly 20 billion a year. 20 BILLION. The Siberian forest accounts for nearly 80% of Russia’s land, covering an area of over 13million sq kilometers. And guess how many people live there. About 7. Well that’s what it would look like if you zoomed in from outter space. It works out to about 3 people per sq kilometer. I suppose if you include all the Russian athletes that failed to make gold at each Olympics, make that 4 per sq kilometer. It’s Humongous. And wood you believe that more than a third of all Siberian logs are smuggled out by the mafia ? Madness.
So back to what sort of oak do the Russians use in their homes. Well, not Siberian oak for a start. Its nasty looking stuff in my book. It’s so wild that we gave up using it over 10 years ago. And most of it is illegal despite what the honest Brit retailer tells you.You will find that if you lay 10 planks out on a floor, then you will probably get at least 7 different coloured planks. It’s all over the place, and apparently that’s got something to do with the nutrients that it gets from the soil. Or the vodka that’s deposited from the hundreds of vomitting Cosaks that inhabit the area. OK I may be wrong about the Cosaks, but Im pretty sure about the vodka nutrient. It’s basically a drunk oak tree.

Turgon Russian White Floor
Turgon Russian White Floor


Anyway, Im stopping the blog before I upset the Cosaks. Or the Bolsheviks. Or Vladmir.