Designers & Architects Workshop
Designers & Architects Workshop

You can never beat the experience of real hands on activity. It’s so much more fun seeing the whole thing happening in real time. Our 3 hour workshop in our London production facility will guide you through everything you need to know about wooden flooring and everything that’s possible. We demonstrate how we manufacture our floors, how we brush them, sand them, age them, antique them and finally how we finish them. We also give you valuable information on the do’s and dont’s of preparation and installation.

The course is designed for groups between 2 -4 people which allows us to give you our full attention as well as you being able to ask as many questions as possible.

These courses are free of charge and it doesn’t end there. You will have your own personal expert team at your disposal 24/7.

During the course, you will have the chance to see the huge range of our samples and products and we will let you know the many ways we can collaborate together.

We will be serving treat of fresh sandwiches, tea and biscuits.

If you would like to make an appointment or get more information in regards the workshop, please email us at

All because we love wooden floors

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