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Décor that complements exotic wood flooring

Enhance and add new dimensions to your rooms.

The use of exotic timbers in wood flooring is becoming more popular and can add a new dimension to your interior design. To make the most of exotic wood flooring, you can decorate the whole interior in a way that complements, but doesn’t distract from, the beautiful floor.

Dark exotic wood

Dark shades of exotic timbers are ideal for use in studies and cosy living areas. Ovengal, Iroko and Wenge are all dark to medium-dark timbers that hail from Africa, and look brilliant with a few African inspired décor elements, such as lamps and wall hangings. Wall paint colouring can be a little braver with darker woods, especially in rooms such as studies or cosy living rooms. Teal and ochre are both very on-trend colours that complement exotic dark wood timbers. A rug with an ethnic print will also look great on this kind of flooring.

North American wood

Lighter coloured exotic wood flooring, such as maple and Douglas fir, both originate from North America. Douglas fir comes in long lengths, making it ideal for large spaces which also benefit from lighter wood in general. Maple, on the other hand, is more hardwearing, and is ideal for rooms that experience a lot of traffic. Both these light woods however can be complemented by décor inspired by North America. Go for light blue, white or grey walls in a nautical New England theme or plantation shutters and rattan furniture for a taste of the Deep South.

Brazilian woods

Many exotic timbers hail from Brazil, where over 70% of vegetation is treelife. Many result in a vibrant mid or reddish brown which can add a beautiful dynamic to any home. These woods can be complemented with bright colours that are reminiscent of Brazil such as oranges, reds and yellows. Ideal for use in day rooms and bedrooms, woods such as jatoba, Brazilian walnut and tiger oak are all rich, warm choices.

Exotic wood flooring is a wonderful way to add a new décor dynamic to your home, and whether you choose flooring from Africa, North or South America, using the timber origin to inspire décor ideas will obtain beautiful results.