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The benefits of engineered wood flooring

The Benefits of using Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is an exceptionally versatile, attractive floor choice that offers numerous options for décor and unfaltering durability. There are other benefits to using engineered wood, particularly if you’d prefer a wood floor in your bathroom or you love the wider planks that are so on trend.

Engineered wood flooring from London is manufactured like a laminate, but features a solid wood top layer that can be hand-finished in any of the brushed, hand-scraped or distressed styles of a solid wood floor. The versatility of the wood veneer also means you can choose from a range of exotic wood finishes, putting a bespoke wood floor within the range of any budget.

Where engineered wood really excels is in its durability and resistance to moisture. Manufactured from bonded layers of plywood, finished with the solid wood of choice, it won’t expand or contract like a solid wood floor. If you’ve seen some of the better contemporary bathroom designs featuring a wood floor, it’s highly likely that the designer has used engineered wood flooring. If this look appeals to you, or you’d like a wood kitchen floor that’s resistant to fluctuating moisture levels and temperatures, consider using engineered wood flooring rather than solid wood.

Though there’s a case to be made for always investing in solid wood flooring, engineered wood is extremely hard-wearing. You can sand and refinish a number of times, depending on the thickness of the solid wood veneer, making it a functional solution. If you love the wide plank look then the construction of engineered wood flooring lends itself perfectly to that style, as wide solid wood planks can be difficult to come by.

Beautiful, durable and versatile, engineered wood flooring is well worth considering for an installation where you’d like to play with exotic woods and different finishes.

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