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Alternative solutions for Rosewood Flooring

Turgon supply a range of alternatives to Rosewood

With the new Rosewood regulations which we featured in our last Blog ‘Rosewood regulations now in force’, it’s a good time to think about alternatives to this richly hued and extremely durable wood. Solid wood flooring should be durable and sustainable, and you can produce beautiful effects with oak – particularly when you use reclaimed timbers – but Rosewood offers a drama that’s hard to match.

Brazilian Walnut

Rosewood is often used for the richness and warmth of its dark brown to almost purple timber. Brazilian Walnut is both sustainable and highly durable (10.6 on the Brinell scale) and shares some of the warmth of Rosewood, though in a more reddish brown spectrum. It’s rarely used for flooring in the UK so would make quite an impact.

Black American Walnut

Black American Walnut may not have the durability of the Brazilian variety but for a dramatic and glamorous floor it’s hard to match. This wood offers the most beautiful grain patterns, but needs to be handled and finished with extreme care. If you’re considering a Black Walnut floor, have it lacquered or oiled in situ for the very best results.

Ovengal Hardwood

There is one wood, however, that is widely available from sustainable sources, and is extremely durable and bears more than a passing resemblance to Indian Rosewood. Ovengal is a West African hardwood with a really fabulous grain and a reddish to dark brown body with grey or black stripes. From the genus Guibourtia ehie, Ovengal is not listed in the CITES Appendices and is a species of least concern according to IUHC.

Ovengal is often used for musical instruments or furniture but we believe it would make an amazing wood floor when used by a designer with real vision. Ovengal is hardly used in the UK for flooring but has all the potential to create some stunning effects and prove a worthwhile alternative to Rosewood flooring.