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A Wooden floor that screams Brave

Are you really brave when it comes to choosing wood flooring, or are you just plain old boring and conventional ?

Most people just aren’t brave enough to try something really unusual in their homes, and I think if I had to be brutally honest, I’m one of them. Or I was. Because I’ve now decided that it’s time to be a little more adventurous when it comes to fashion in my home, and come to think of it, fashion on me. I’ve realized I’ve become a little boring over the years, going from somebody who lived on a diet of marijuana, snickers and rock n roll, to somebody who paints everything magnolia. So it’s time to get a little radical again, and stuff what the little sensible man in my head is telling me.

I’ve bet you’ve never even heard of a wood called Purple Heart. And  even if u have, you’re probably thinking, well it won’t actually be purple. But you’d be wrong, because that’s just what it is. Purple. A really loud screaming purple.  Now, it might be a little outdated, but I still love Prince (or the artist formally known as the artist that used to be the artist that we’re not allowed to mention) I love purple and I love a bit of shock and glamour value, and that I reckon is exactly what you’ll get from Purple Heart. It’s not something we really see in the UK, mainly because like other exotic woods, there is just too little demand for anybody to bother with, and quite honestly nobodies ever been into our showroom to ask for a Purple Heart wooden floor.

Purple Heart

Purple Heart originates from Africa, and it’s the wood equivalent of reinforced concrete. I remember many years ago getting a couple of square meters for a showroom sample. I asked the fitters to nail the sample together,  sand and lacquer it. It wasn’t happening. The Purple Heart was so tough, the fitters couldn’t nail standard porta nails into it. They just bent. So the only way to handle it was by glueing it down then sanding and finishing it. If Purple Heart was a rock guitarist then it would be Jimmy Hendrix.

The sad thing about this wood, is that, well, its just too loud and exotic. Yes, everybody looks at it in amazement and says wooooooowwwww, that’s amazing, but nobody wants it. It’s like the little puppy that’s the runt of the litter. Cute, but nobody wants him.

I really wanted purple heart in my flat when I refurbished it. I mean, I really really wanted it. I wanted to be loud and explosive. I wanted to be Jimmy Hendrix meets Prince and The Revolution, and I wanted my floor to scream ‘Star Spangled Banner’ at volume 11. I wanted high gloss, spit and polish, super slippy purple heart to impress everybody that would ever walk in.

Oh why did I have to be so bloody boring and get another Oak floor.

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