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LATEST NEWS / A wooden floor in a Rolls Royce ? Why not.

A wooden floor in a Rolls Royce ? Why not.

There aren’t many cars made that use wood veneers on their dashboards and trims, mainly because they’re too expensive and too posh for your average Joe Blog to need in his Ford Plotnick. So the idea of putting a wooden floor in a Rolls Royce for most would seem, well, ludicrous. Except of course, to me.

Yes – An Entire Car From Wood

Actually, I don’t know why Rolls haven’t made an entire car out of wood. Really I dont. Imagine, a maple or ebony Bentley rolling down The kings Road on a Sunday afternoon for a spot of kerb crawling. How cool would that be. Ok, so your average Sheik may not be instantly impressed, but stick a few diamonds in the bumper and some gold on the doors, and he’ll love it. You may think this is nonsense of course but I assure you, it’s not. Morgan still make their cars out of wood, or at least parts of it, and there’s absolutely no reason I can think of why you couldn’t make a whole car out of wood. Just wait till graphene lacquers are available, and I don’t reckon we’ll have to wait that long either.

So what’s wrong with a pure wood interior – I can’t think of anything sexier than a car with a wooden floor, wooden dashboard, wooden trims, chrome, leather, and a little something else, although I’m not sure about what the something else would be at the moment, but something else. But regardless of the something else, it would contribute some extra elegance luxury and style to the normal stuff that we get in our everyday cars,  cloth, plastic, and things that just snap off after a couple of years.

But it does leave me wondering if perhaps I am just a little too in love with wood to be rational and balanced in my approach to car interiors. Anyway, I’ve had some time now to give this a little more thought, and I hate to admit it, but I think Roller may just have the right balance between carpet, plastic and wood,

Oh I hate being wrong.

WAIT – Im not wrong. Stop the blog – I clearly didn’t do my research well enough, because I have just discovered that Rolls Royce do indeed have a car with a wooden floor. and just have a look at the accessories collection.

I’m not as mad as I thought !

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